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Our Medical Marijuana Doctor specializes in Medical Marijuana Cards, Licenses, Recommendations, Renewals for growing marijuana / cannabis. This clinic and has been open for 5 years and started because of the need for a doctors clinic that didn't pull the famous "bait and switch" routine of charging $25 for the evaluation to get you in the door, then charge you an additional $100 for a document. Most of these clinics look like a dispensary, are in disrepair with folding chairs, and truly aren't doctor's offices. Many of these clinics will also advertise a "cultivation license" entitling you to grow cannabis. The truth is that a standard recommendation is sufficient for growing medical marijuana. However there are instances when a patient requires more than 6 plants for their medication. A "cultivation license", aka "growers license", or growers permit, is really an exemption above the standard 6 mature plants stated in California Senate Bill 420. Cultivation Recommendations, Growers Licenses or Growers Recommendations are really misnomers as a standard recommendation allows a patient to grow up to 6 plants in California. The California Supreme Court stated that this number of 6 plants is arbitrary and a patient can grow as much cannabis as required for their condition. However, a California patient can not grow beyond the federal limit or your local city ordinances. The number 99 has been mentioned as the federal limit, but we would recommend consulting an attorney regarding your true limit. Cultivation recommendations should not be confused with "vendor licenses" or collective grower authorizations issued by a cooperative or collective. Collective grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative. Because we are by appointment only, you will be in and out in less than 15 minutes. We specialize in advanced, natural care of your body and mind. We help patients understand their body's natural state and their disease and then formulate a plan for natural and minimally invasive care. 
How to obtain a medical marijuana Card
Marijuana Cultivation License
Cannabis, or Marijuana, is a medicine that helps many patients with spasm, pain, nausea, and many mental impairments. You will be evaluated for your medical problem by our licensed doctor. From the information given by you during your consultation (previous medical history) and current physical examination the doctor will assess your current medical condition or diagnosis. The doctor will then work with you to develop a treatment plan for your disease. If the disease can be helped with Marijuana / Cannabis, the doctor will help the patient determine if Marijuana or Cannabis can be part of your usual medical treatment plan. If the doctor and patient both agree to try Cannabis as part of their treatment plan after discussing the risks and benefits, the patient will be issued a recommendation. Anytime you receive a recommendation, make sure it includes a 24 hour verification by phone and/or website and includes an embossed seal. Make sure you are seeing a licensed doctor. If the Doctor loses his license, for example, your recommendation would become voided. If you get a gut feeling that the clinic is not run by a doctor, it most likely is not. 

Medical Marijuana Doctor Cultivation License

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Will medical marijuana work for my condition / disease?
The research for marijuana treatment is poorly understood. PubWeed, is your main resource for the latest in Marijuana / Cannabis Research. We hope to have our patients come to the best decision if Marijuana and or Cannabis is right for your condition. We believe our patients are intelligent to determine if cannabis is right for them with the proper information to base this upon. To determine if Marijuana Treatment will help you, we encourage you to look at PubWeed. PubWeed is a website that is organized by medical disease and condition with the latest research made readily available to you through the gold standard online research tool PubMed The live feed provide the most up to date information 24/7. We will organize research by condition. Posts will include the feeds and comments by a Physician on the most relevant publications. This post is not actual medical advice.

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